Meet the Crew

Brezels wouldn't exist without the hands that roll and twist them every day. We're very proud of our team who work hard to create unique, delicious snacks while sharing lots of laughs. Stop in and say "hi".


Brittany, Pretzel Whisperer

Brittany is the founder and owner of Brezel. Only 5'2" tall, she's often mistaken for a pip-squeak, but her size should be measured by her sarcasm and grit. In addition to creating in the kitchen, she enjoys exploring new places, attending hockey games & spending time with her husband &  3 dogs.


Tim, Herr Baum

Tim, co-owner and Mechanical Design Engineer by trade, makes occasional appearances at Brēzel telling sarcastic jokes that no one understands. Tim is often relied upon for his mathematics and pretzel-tasting skills.

Dominique, Domo

Domo is an anime-loving, Japanese fan girl with a wild imagination. When she's not going on adventures, getting tattoos or baking, she loves hanging out with her little one, Akira. One day, she hopes to turn into a unicorn. Until then, catch her at Brezel Columbus.


Anna, Gold Digger

A student at THE Ohio State University, Anna is always on an adventure. Whether spontaneously traveling 13 hours for a music fest or volunteering in NYC, she loves having a good time. Anna's favorite things include random acts of kindness, goat videos, sarcasm & donuts. 


Brittany, Britt

Brittany is currently enrolled in the Art Institute for her
degree in Culinary Arts. When Brittany is not attending class or working at Brezel, she loves cooking, hanging out with friends and spending time with her family.


Sean, currently a student and collegiate golfer at CSCC, enjoys theater, singing and dancing. When she's not busy working, golfing, or going to school, she loves taking really goofy pictures. She also adores puns way too much (her words). When it comes to music, she digs Oldies & Rock and Roll.


Maggie, Maggs

Maggie is a member of Brezel Cincinnati; when she's not working or in class, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family as they eat their way around the city. Maggie also loves games (card or video), and she's currently enrolled in school at Mount St. Joseph University. 


Natalie, Nat Cat

Natalie is a student at Xavier University, and hopes to be a music teacher when she graduates. Her favorite things to do outside of work include eating, sleeping, gardening, and listening to music. Natalie is originally from Kansas City, Kansas.

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